Nope, not Covid restrictions! Just to highlight the new rule about the maximum number of dressage and show jumping championship classes each horse/rider combination can enter. This rule only applies to dressage and show jumping, the eventers challenge and showing are just under the usual restriction of range of classes or heights entered.

The Rule of Six was introduced last year and published with the Rules & Restriction, following some competitors’ questions we’re mentioning it to make sure it’s clear. It only applies to dressage and show jumping and only to the combination of horse & rider.

We have put this in place just to put the brakes on a few combinations who tended to over-do the number of championships they entered. Although it’s new, please note it will not affect many people – if we had applied this rule in 2022 there would have been about 4 entries that exceeded the limit. So, no panic this is unlikely to slow down your weekend at Hickstead!