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The 2019 Sunshine Tour Championship is held at The All England Showground, Hickstead from 12th – 15th September.


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The All England Jumping Course, Hickstead, West Sussex. RH17 5NU

Situated on the A23, 15 miles south of Gatwick Airport, and 8 miles north of Brighton.

All Sunshine Tour traffic must use the Horsebox Entrance (RH17 5NU)


From the North

  • Travel south on the A23
  • Take the exit sign posted Burgess Hill / Hickstead Village B2300
  • Take the third exit off the roundabout and go over the fly- over
  • Take the second exit off the mini roundabout onto Hickstead Lane
  • The horsebox entrance to the showground is approximately 20 metres on the left

From the South

  • Leave the A23 at the junction marked B2300 Burgess Hill / Hickstead Village
  • At the top of the slip road take the first exit at the mini roundabout onto Hickstead Lane
  • The horsebox entrance to the showground is approximately 20 metres on the left

Click HERE to download map & directions

  • I’ve qualified more than once for the same level of competition/class – can I enter more than once?
    A horse-rider combination can compete in up to 4 dressage championships, so you can qualify at the same level more than once. In show jumping you can compete in up to 4 championships, but they must be separate levels so if you qualify at the same level more than once you can upgrade a qualification to a higher height. For showing you can exchange qualifications for another relevant class, so you can re-use a dual qualification. And in eventers you can do the same as show jumping – upgrade a ticket for a higher height if you want to use a dual qualification.
  • Can I change the horse or rider from the original qualification?
    There’s a simple answer to this one – absolutely not! Sorry, even if your horse has gone lame and you want to ride another horse, even a less experienced horse in its place, or the rider has moved to Timbucktoo and you want to give the chance to compete to another rider, even a more novice rider – the answer is still no!!!
  • Can I enter Small Tour AND Grand Tour classes?
    YES you can, as long as you fulfil the restrictions for the championships that you want to enter, you can cross ‘Tours’. You can enter up to 4 levels of show jumping, 3 levels of eventers challenge and 2 levels of dressage.
  • My horse or the qualified rider have taken part in affiliated competitions, can I still enter?
    That will depend on how much money has been won, or points awarded, or the level of competition you’ve taken part in and how long ago the points/wins were earned. Please refer to the restrictions allocated to each level of competition on the Rules page and if in doubt contact us at Sunshine Tour HQ on 01372 451458.
  • What happens if I’ve qualified, but then find that I’m ‘overqualified’ for the championship?
    It’s quite possible that you’ve qualified for a particular championship but you’re not eligible for the final, this usually happens because the qualifier class was open. If you’re overqualified, you can voluntarily move up a level e.g. if you’ve qualified for Prelim dressage, but don’t fit into the restrictions for the Prelim championship but are eligible for the Novice, then you can enter the Novice instead. Just make it clear with your entry that your entering a higher class than the one you originally qualified for. Please note: you can’t downgrade from your original qualification.
  • I qualified in a showing class, but now find that the horse height restrictions or rider age restrictions are different in the championship class. Can I enter the original class that I qualified for?
    The quick answer is – you have to go with the championship restrictions. This can happen in Working Hunter / Working Hunter Pony classes – the class you qualified in might have split the class at 14.2hh and the championship class is divided at 15hh. So, for example if you have a 15hh horse, then you should enter the Working Hunter Pony class, it doesn’t matter that the original class was called Working Hunter. Same applies for age restrictions on riders – the championship class might not be the same as the qualifier class as different centres run under different rules.
  • Who can enter open and warm up classes?
    Absolutely anyone who is taking part in the Sunshine Tour! For example you’ve qualified for one championship class you can enter the warm up for that class and you might want to compete in another class while you’re at the show, e.g. qualified for Intro dressage but you’d like to do a Prelim test while you’re here. If there is huge demand, then championship riders will be given priority as they need to warm up.
  • What’s available for warm up?
    The answer might vary from year to year depending on arena space, we endeavour to provide suitable warm up classes and/or warm up space at the show for all the disciplines. Refer to the current year’s schedule for details.
  • What happens if a championship class gets oversubscribed?
    If this happens, then classes might be closed before the closing date or subdivided to create a new championship or divided into 2 sections and the top placed exhibitors from each section will ride off to decide final championship placings. If new championships are created then they might be run on a different day to the original championship. We reserve the right to restrict the number of entries accepted and close a class if it becomes oversubscribed, entries are taken in order of receipt so availability cannot be guaranteed.
  • How many levels of championship can I enter?
    In show jumping: up to 4 classes; in dressage up to 4 classes on 2 levels; in eventers challenge: up to 3 consecutive levels. If you’ve qualified for more levels than you can take part in, then you must ‘drop’ the lowest level. For example if you qualified for 70cm, 75cm, 80cm and 90cm show jumping then you cannot take part in the 70cm but can compete in all the other 3 classes and add on 85cm. In dressage, if you’ve qualified for Intro, Prelim & Novice then you can take part in Prelim & Novice.
  • Upgrading
    If you are dropping a lower level ticket because you have qualified for too many levels in show jumping or they are not consecutive in dressage, then generally speaking you can also upgrade the lower ‘ticket’. For example if you qualified for 70cm, 75cm, 80cm and 90cm show jumping you must drop your 70cm qualification but you can use the ticket to take part in the 85cm. If you have qualified for 2 dressage levels but they are not consecutive, then you can upgrade the lowest qualification level, e.g. if you’ve qualified in Intro & Novice, then you can upgrade your Intro to Prelim.
  • Do I need the qualification ticket to send in with my entry?
    No, you must use your Unique Qualification Number to record the details of your qualification and also for your entry, but you do not need to actually send in the card.
  • Can I enter online?
    Yes, via the Sunshine Tour website in conjunction with Horse Monkey. Or you can post your entry instead if you prefer. Entries open part of the way through the year.
  • How can I pay?
    You can pay online with a credit card, debit card, Horse Monkey account or Paypal account, by post with a cheque or by hand with cash. Do not send cash by post!
  • What happens if I want to change my entry or have to withdraw after entering?
    If you want to amend your entry before the entry closing date, just let us know and we will be happy to try to accommodate your changes. If you withdraw, then you need to send in a vet’s or doctor’s note explaining why you were unable to compete and we’ll refund your entry fee (minus a small admin fee). After entries closing date, no refunds can be made except with a vet’s or doctor’s certificate (farriers, instructors, yard owners or physiotherapists notes are not accepted).
  • Do I have to pay for parking and entry to the show?
    Parking and entry to the show is free. Horseboxes and trailers will need a Parking Pass. Accompanying cars park in the Grooms Car Park and guests’ cars park in the main showground. Please follow directions above and road signage on the day to get to the right parking area and then follow the instructions of the security and parking personnel.
  • Is there overnight stabling and camping?
    Yes, overnight stabling and camping will be available. You must pre-book and pay for stabling and a reasonable space will be included for a tent or live-in horse box.
  • What provisions will be available to buy at the show?
    To be confirmed, likely to be able to supply hay, haylage, bedding for horses and a small provisions shop for people. Confirmation will be made when entries open.
  • What catering options will be there be at the show?
    The Bar & Grill and mobile catering are open for daytime and evening catering.
  • Can I buy a souvenir?
    Definitely! We will be offering official Sunshine Tour merchandise like hoodies, polo shirts, t-shirts and baseball caps. Details will be announced throughout the year, keep an eye on the website news page and Facebook page.
Hopefully these explanations will answer all your queries, but if not then just give us a ring on 01372 451458 or email Best of luck in the Championships!