Competitors can qualify all over the UK by taking part in an unaffiliated competition at their local show, centre, Pony Club or Riding Club between January and end of July. Qualification is awarded on placings, for dressage, show jumping and showing its 1st-4th and for eventers challenges its 1st-6th.

How to Qualify

Before you Start: Check that you and your horse / pony are eligible to compete at the Championships.  Rules & Regulations for each discipline are available in the ‘Championships’ pages.

Step 1: Apply for a Personal Qualifier Form. This is sent by email for you to print and take to Sunshine Tour Registered Shows.

Step 2: Find out which classes are eligible for qualification, there’s a list on each ‘Championships’ page, then find a Registered Show and up-coming dates on the Qualifying Dates & Shows page. If you cannot find any registered shows in your area you can apply for an Open Qualifier Form to use at un-registered shows. Email registrations@sunshinetour.co.uk to apply for an open form.

Step 3: Achieve 1st to 4th in a dressage, show jumping or showing. In Eventers Challenge it’s 1st to 6th that qualifies. Fill in the details on your Qualifier Form and ask the Show Secretary or Organiser to sign it.

Step 4: Send your completed and signed form to registrations@sunshinetour.co.uk or post to GBEC.

Step 5: We will process your qualification for you and issue a Unique Qualification Number for you.

Ride – compete – qualify – repeat! If you want to enter more than one championship, ride – compete – qualify – repeat!  Register every time you qualify and we will send  your unique qualification numbers. Guide to how many championships you can enter is below.

Read the timetable and schedule for all the need-to-know information and then enter your championship classes from 1st until 18th August (early entry is advised), don’t forget warm up and open classes, stabling, bedding, hay and get ready for the best show of the year!

Here’s a  printable guide to qualification: How to Qualify Guide