🟨 Qualification, Recording of Results and Entries:
Important Dates and What Happens When?
You can qualify until 31st July 2024.
▪️Record Results – for shows held January to June.
You must record your results within a month of competition. With a COMPLETE set of evidence, which MUST show the date, the venue or organiser, the class including enough details (just “Class 1” doesn’t really help us identify what you have taken part in), and your name, horse name and placing. If the screenshot/photo of your part of the result doesn’t show the date and venue, then you need to add an additional part to show this. Incomplete evidence will be REJECTED – you have been warned!!!
◾️Record Results – for shows held in July.
Must be submitted (with proper evidence) by Sunday 4th August – even if this is less than one month since your competition. So, if you compete on 31st July, you’ve only got FOUR DAYS!
🟨 Class Entries Open
▪️Online class entries open on Saturday 10th August. Different disciplines may open at slightly different times to allow the show secretary team to be available to provide you with backup and support. Postal entries are accepted from Monday 12th August.
▪️Class Entries Close
Online and postal entries close Tuesday 13th August. Yup, that’s just 4 days so that we can then re-assess availability and release any extra spaces.
🟨 Stabling & Camping Bookings Open
▪️Online on Saturday 10th August – time to be confirmed, likely to be later than class entries. Postal bookings are accepted from Monday 12th August. You’ll also be able to book for camping, bedding, hay, haylage etc. We advise you to book your classes first, availability for stabling is good but some classes will sell out quickly so get your classes booked first!
▪️Stabling & Camping Entries Close Wednesday 4th September.