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2024 SCHEDULES are published in May / June. 

  • Dressage Schedule 2024
  • Junior Show Jumping Schedule 2024
  • Senior Show Jumping Schedule 2024
  • Eventers Challenge Schedule 2024
  • Showing Schedule 2024


DRESSAGE TESTS for Lead Rein and Starters Assisted dressage class:
Starters Dressage Test 1 – Written
Starters Dressage Test 1 – Diagrams


  • Vaccination for Equine Influenza is required: Horses/ponies must have up-to-date ANNUAL vaccination or have completed at least TWO initial vaccination injections. In either case, the last injection must not have been given less than 10 days before competition.
  • If staying overnight, you must present your passport to Stable Manager when claiming your stable. Day competitors must have passports available for inspection by Security or Stewards in lorry parking area. Not required at ringside unless requested.


Please read full schedule & check timetable before entering! 

  • Class Entries Open Online: Saturday 10th August 2024
  • Class Entries Open Post: Monday 12th August 2024
  • Class Entries Close: Tuesday 13th August 2024
  • Stable Bookings Open Online: Saturday 10th August 2024
  • Stable Bookings Open Post: Monday 12th August 2024
  • Stable Bookings Close: Wednesday 7th September 2024


What’s a Tour? Information about the groups of championship classes

Important Information in general!

Mini Tour 

Qualification– mix and match classes, like for like classes and flexibility.

A Conversation with Sunshine Tour – more FAQs

Rule of 6 relating to amount of championship classes able to be entered

Surfaces at Hickstead

Juniors, Seniors or Inbetweeners? Rider and handler ages

When is a Horse not a Horse– horse and pony heights, cob heights

Whip Rule

Camping and Parking Guidance

Stabling Guidance

Showing- Small Tour and Grand Tour Classes click on “Qualifier Classes” at the bottom of the page.


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