The Sunshine Tour Eventers Challenge Championships are set in the beautiful Sussex countryside at the All England Jumping Course, Hickstead on Thursday 17th & Friday 18th September 2020. The course consists of a mix of iconic Hickstead show jumps and natural, rustic obstacles and championship classes range from 50cm to 90cm.

Amateur & novice competitors can qualify at their local centre or Riding Club or Pony Club by being placed 1st to 4th in an Eventers Challenge type of competition from 1st November 2019 to 31st July 2020. N.B. NEW FOR 2020 qualification is awarded up to 4th place (previously 1st to 6th).

Here’s what you need to know …



Restrictions 2019 – Eventers Challenge

The spirit of this competition as an amateur & unaffiliated championship is very important, to our sponsors and to our competitors, so we request that all participants respect the spirit of restrictions not just the letter of the law. If you find that you are overqualified for the class that you qualified in, you can voluntarily upgrade to a higher-level class. Horses/riders that have more than the allowed points or placings, but NONE earned in the period 1st January 2016 to the date of this year’s championship are eligible to compete. If in doubt, contact HQ for clarification.

This championship is for unaffiliated and amateur riders with unaffiliated and novice horses/ponies. Professionals and professionally produced combinations are excluded from competing in the Sunshine Tour. Our definition of a ‘professional’ is someone who earns money from:
• Riding, training, schooling or competing horses/ponies.
• Buying and/or selling or breaking in horses.
• Teaching and/or training riders (see exception below).
• Judging affiliated classes in the same discipline as your competition (paid or unpaid).

People may work with horses primarily for care, which might involve day to day exercising of horses (e.g. grooms, vet nurses) or teaching in a riding school. If you participate in any ‘professional’ activities on a regular basis, please respect the amateur nature of this championship and help your clients instead!


You CAN compete across Levels if you fit the relevant restrictions

All points/winnings restrictions refer to the period 1st January 2016 to the date of this year’s championship so if horse/rider is over qualified provided NONE of the points/wins have occurred during this period then you are eligible – if in doubt please check with Sunshine Tour HQ on info@sunshinetour.co.uk

Qualification can be gained from an eventer’s challenge or arena eventing competition. Horse/rider combinations can compete in up to 3 eventers challenge / derby challenge classes. NEW: 20cm Rule – if you have multiple qualifications, you can’t have more than 20cm gap between the heights of championships you compete in, e.g. if you compete in 60cm, you can compete up to & including 80cm.

Level 1 & 2 (60cm & 70cm): Horses/ponies – not to have won 49 points or £49 (notional) prize money in BS, not to have earned any BE points or more than 49 BE Foundation points (or none during period 1st January 2016 to the date of this year’s championship). Combination not to have won at 90cm or above. Riders not to have won BS classes at 1m or above; not to have won at BE 100 or Pony Club Area Intermediate Eventing or Show Jumping or above.

Level 3 (80cm): Horses/ponies – not to have won 99 points or £99 (notional) prize money or points in BS or more, not to have earned 10 BE points or 99 BE foundation points (or none during period 1st January 2016 to the date of this year’s championship). Combination not to have won at 1m or above. Riders not to have won BS classes at 1.10m or above; not to have won at BE Novice or Pony Club Open Eventing or Show Jumping or above.

Level 4 (90cm): Horses/ponies – not to have won 149 points or £149 (notional) prize money in BS or more; not to have earned 20 BE points (or none during period 1st January 2016 to the date of this year’s championship).

Level 5 (1m): Horses/ponies – not to have won 199 points or £199 (notional) prize money in BS or more; not to have earned 40 BE points (or none during period 1st January 2016 to the date of this year’s championship).


Sunshine Tour uses the British Eventing rule book for guidance on tack & rider turnout for Eventer’s Challenge & Arena Eventing classes. You can view the full rule book HERE . Please note, that not all BE rules will apply because Sunshine Tour runs arena eventing style competitions not full event format.


Any type of combined show jumping and cross country style competition. Cross country section can be knock down or fixed, against clock or optimum time. Qualifying competitions can be held on surface or grass (championships are on grass).


up to 60cm

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QUALIFICATION PERIOD:  Eventer’s Challenge & Arena Eventing 1st November – 31st July
Dressage, Show Jumping & Showing 1st January – 31st July

Before you Start: Check that the competitor AND the horse / pony are eligible to compete at the Championships.  Rules & Regulations for each discipline are available in the ‘Championships’ pages.

Step 1: Find out where to qualify and check which classes are eligible for qualification.

Step 2: Download a Personal Qualifier Form and print it. Remember to take your form with you when you compete at  a Registered centre/show/club.
If you cannot find any registered centres/clubs in your area you can apply for an Open Qualifier Form.

Step 3: Achieve 1st to 4th in an eligible class in dressage, show jumping, showing or eventer’s challenge/arena eventing. Fill in the details on your Qualifier Form and ask the Show Secretary or Organiser to sign it.

Step 4: Register your qualification and upload your completed and signed Qualifier Form.

Step 5: We will process your qualification for you and email you a Unique Qualification Number (usually within 14 days of your registration).

Any questions: Email register@sunshinetour.co.uk for help.

Ride – Compete – Qualify – Repeat.  Register every time you qualify, you will need a unique qualification number for each championship class that you want to enter. A guide to how many championships you can enter is below.

Note: qualification does not guarantee a place in the championship, entries open on 1st August and are taken in order of receipt and some classes may fill on the first day of entries. T&C’s apply, it is the responsibility of the competitor to read the Rules and Schedule before entering. The Sunshine Tour is exclusively for unaffiliated and amateur riders, competing with unaffiliated horses and ponies.


For the first time in 2019, we’re offering individual and business sponsorship packages. From just £70 you can have your name in the schedule, personalised rosettes in your choice of colours and refreshments for 2 people in the Dick Saunders pavilion or you can opt for a special lunch or cream tea, together with a VIP Pass. If you have a business that you’d like to promote, we can help with advertising in the schedules, banners on the showground and Facebook & website links. We have lots of packages available, please see Sponsorship Packages for the options available or ask for a bespoke package to suit your needs.

You may already know all about the Sunshine Tour and the popularity of taking part in a fabulous championship at the famous showground at Hickstead? If you’d like to know more, here’s a bit About the Sunshine Tour.

We’re very proud to have grown from a little show to a huge championship and be able to offer you a sponsorship package, if you would like to become part of the Sunshine Tour, please get in touch. Feel free to call Rebecca on 07904 898696, email office@sunshinetour.co.uk or message us via Facebook