A Conversation with Sunshine Tour

Competitor: How many championships can I enter?

Sunshine Tour: Firstly, it will depend on how many qualification numbers you have. Each qualification number allows you to enter ONE championship class.


Competitor: So, I’ve qualified LOADS of times, can I enter everything I’ve qualified for?

Sunshine Tour: Very well done to you! However, there are some cases where you can’t just enter absolutely everything. If you qualified for a broad range of levels, then you must observe:

  • Dressage championship classes can cover 2 levels that must be consecutive, e.g. Intro & Prelim is OK, but Intro & Novice covers too many levels.
  • Show jumping and eventers challenge must not cover more than 20cm from lowest class to highest. So, for example if you compete in 60cm you could go up to 80cm, but not at 85cm or above.
  • Showing is restricted to a suitable range of classes, so if you’re a very novice competitor or on the lead rein or require assistance, you may not be able to take part in full-format classes that include a group canter and require a gallop to be shown.


Competitor: OK, but I only want to take part in one discipline, and I’ve qualified a lot! I understand I need to keep to the right number of levels, so I can take part in the same level lots of time??

Sunshine Tour: Yes, you can take part in the same level more than once! So, for example you can do more than one Intro championship class, or more than one 65cm show jumping class, or more than one lead rein showing class. Obviously, it will depend on the same type of class being offer, but there are also a few limits to the number of multiples:

  • In dressage and show jumping, you can take part in up to 6 championship classes.
  • In showing, the suitability of the range of classes is key.
  • In eventers challenge, just stick to the 20cm rule for championship classes, and bear in mind that you cannot compete in more than 3 eventers type classes in one day – it’s lovely course, but quite tough so 3 times round the lake is the max in one day!
  • In ALL CASES, for WELFARE & SAFETY we may put a limit on the number of classes a horse or pony can take part in per day. If you try to do too many, not only will you need a teleport (Hickstead showground is big!)