How to Qualify

NEW QUALIFICATION PROCESS FOR 2018! You will need to apply for a Personal Qualifier Form to take with you to Sunshine Tour Registered Shows. Here’s a  printable How to Qualify Guide

Before you Start: Check that you and your horse / pony are eligible to compete at the Championships. There are various levels, so check the Rules & Regulations tab on the Championship pages for details.

Step 1: Apply for a Personal Qualifier Form HERE. This is sent to you by email for you to print and take to Sunshine Tour Registered Shows.

Step 2: Find out which classes are eligible for qualification, there’s a list on each ‘Championship’ page, then find a Registered Show and up-coming dates on the Qualifying Dates & Shows page. If you cannot find any Registered Shows or dates in your area you can apply for an Open Qualifier Form to use at un-registered shows. Email explaining why you need an open form.

Step 3: Achieve 1st to 4th in a dressage, show jumping or showing qualifier class. In Eventers Challenge it’s 1st to 6th that qualifies. Fill in the details on your Qualifier Form and askt he Show Secretary or Organiser to sign it to verify your result.

Step 4: Send your completed and signed form to or post to GBEC.

Step 5: We will send you a Unique Qualification Number for you to record your qualification. Fill in your details on the Record Qualification page.

Step 6: If you want to enter more than one championship, you can repeat steps 3 & 4.  Each horse-rider combination can qualify up to 4 times in each discipline. Register every time you qualify and we will send you your unique qualification numbers. Guide to how many championships you can enter is below.

Step 7: Follow us on Facebook or keep an eye on the website to find out how and when to enter the Championship.

Step 8: Read the timetable and schedule for all the need-to-know information and then Enter your championship classes from 25th July until 13th August (early entry is advised), don’t forget warm up and open classes, stabling, bedding, hay and get ready for the best show of the year!

Note: qualification does not guarantee a place in the championship, entries are taken in order of receipt and some classes may fill before the close of entries on 13th August. T&C’s apply, it is the responsibility of the competitor to read the Rules and Schedule before entering. The Sunshine Tour is exclusively for unaffiliated and amateur riders, competing with unaffiliated horses and ponies.

Quick Guide to How Many Championships
Each horse/rider combination can qualify up to 4 times. If you register all 4 qualifications, you may be eligible to enter 4 championships! But …. you can only compete over 2 levels e.g. Intro & Prelim or Prelim & Novice or Novice & Elementary (exception for Elem riders – if you’ve qualified 4 times in Elem/Novice then you can 3 x Novice & 1 x Elem because there is only one Elem championship). If you’re taking part in Elementary you can enter 3 x Novice You can’t enter a championship class at a lower level than your qualification, but you can go up. So if you’ve qualified 4 times at Intro, you could enter 2 x Intro and 2 x Prelim, but if you’ve qualified 4 times at Prelim then you can’t enter any Intro championships, but you can enter 2 x Novice. No qualification needed for open/warm up classes.
Show Jumping: Each horse/rider combination can qualify up to 4 times. If you register all 4 qualifications you may be eligible to enter 4 championships. But….. you can only compete 5cm lower than your original qualification, but you can go higher e.g. if you’ve qualified at 70cm then you can 65cm or higher. If you qualify more than once at a height, then just enter the next height/s e.g. if you qualify 4 times at 70c m then you could enter 65cm, 70cm, 75cm and 80cm – if you want! You can’t have too much gap between the height you compete at e.g. the same horse/rider combination can’t compete at 60cm and also the 90cm. You can enter warm up, fun classes, clear round and derby challenge without any extra qualification.
Showing: each horse/competitor combination can qualify up to 4 times and each qualification allows you to enter 2 championship classes. as long as the other class is relevant and the same horse/competitor combination. If you’re qualified class isn’t at a time you can get there or clashes, you can swap to another relevant class. You can also enter the training/warm up classes without any further qualification.
Eventers Challenge: You can compete in up to 3 championships. Each qualification will allow you to enter 2 championships, so if you’ve qualified one you can enter 2 champs and if you’ve qualified twice you can enter 3. You can also enter the derby challenge.