We’re aware that there was a computer glitch earlier this year, which meant that the system did not send emails to SOME competitors who recorded a qualifying result.
It is impossible to know which submissions this affected, probably only a few, but we are taking action to ensure that everyone who MIGHT have missed out, receives their qualification number.
If you SUCCESSFULLY (by that we mean that you send the correct evidence) recorded a result for EARLY EVENTERS or a SHOW DATE DURING JANUARY – you will receive an email with your qualification numbers.
• ONLY shows held during NOVEMBER, DECEMBER OR JANUARY will receive this new email – it is only to ensure that any missing emails from that period have been covered.
• You might have already received your qualification codes. Nothing has changed, you’re just included because we cannot tell which ones the system sent successfully.
• Shows held from February onward WILL NOT RECEIVE this extra email. You should have received an individual email for any submissions for February, and up to 5th March.
• We are still processing some submissions from 6th March onward; you’ll receive your qualification code (or email letting you know that the submission wasn’t successful) in the next few days.
March 19th 2024.