Pre-show timetables will be available soon on the Schedule & Timetables page.
Entries for the 2019 Championships open on 1st August and close on 18th August.    

Qualifier Information  For information about how and where to qualify, please visit the Qualification set of pages.

Step by Step Guide:
Step 1:
Make sure you have submitted your qualification, you will need your unique qualification number/s to complete your entry. Don’t forget to read the schedule and timetable for your championship before you make your entry.

Step 2: Enter! If you’re entering online and you aren’t already a Horse Monkey customer, you’ll need to register with them. You can enter by post (recorded delivery recommended).

Step 3: If you enter online, you’ll receive immediate confirmation of your entry from Horse Monkey – keep this record of your entry.

Step 4: Keep a very close eye on the website for publication of pre-show information, finalised timetables and start lists. If you are following us on Facebook we’ll post updates there as well.

Step 5: You’ll receive your show information pack by post about a week prior to the show. BRING EVERYTHING WITH YOU and have a fabulous time!!!